Michael Douglas recently resurfaced and his first official statement was a clear dedication to giving up tobacco completely and most of the alcohol.

What was interesting about his statement was the fact that he will not give up on flirting with Matt Damon. The two are soon going to shoot a film together and are exchanging sexy text messages. Fans should not be worried because they are all a joke and keeps the two actors entertained.

Michael Douglas has just recovered from throat cancer, which might have caused him to give up on the two vices mentioned above. On the other hand, the actor said that he would still go for “a glass of wine or two.”

Even if the tumor is now gone, Michael still needs to cut it down. He will take it slow for another 2 to 3 months and then get back to work properly.

The actor declared that the tumor was really hard to find, being located under the tongue. This led to the discovery while the cancer was in stage four, which caused a very tough battle. The good news is that he survived and will soon be back to doing what he enjoys most: acting.