A 37 yard run by Auburn running back Michael Dyer will long be known as the play that brought the Tigers to their first National Championship title since 1957.

The score was tied with less than two minutes on the clock when Dyer received the ball. Oregon’s Eddie Pleasant pulled him to the ground in a move that everyone, including Michael Dyer, believed ended the play.

However, Dyer never touched the ground and the whistle never blew. Urged by those on the sidelines to keep going, Dyer began running again and gained a much needed 37 yards for Auburn.

In just a few more plays, Wes Byrum took the field with two seconds on the clock. He then kicked the field goal that brought the victory to Auburn and brought Dyer back to the field, this time in celebration.

The final score of the game was 22-19 in Auburn’s favor.