The Discovery Network recently announced that it will not go through with plans to air a special reenactment of the Michael Jackson autopsy. The reason given was a future court hearing combined with an estate concern.

The show was going to be called “Michael Jackson’s Autopsy: What Really Killed Michael Jackson”. The plan was to air it in different Western Europe countries and UK on January the 13th.

According to an official statement issued by Discovery Networks International, due to the legal proceedings that will start the following week and because of a request made by MJ’s estate, the broadcast of the medical documentary will be postponed indefinitely. Any extra comments will not be published.

The estate co-executors responded that they were happy with the decision.

The news appeared as there is a huge debate whether or not Michael Jackson killed himself. The international pop star died due to a drug overdose but he had prescription for them. All happened just a few days before the start of many concerts and this led people to believe that the superstar was murdered.

Discovery was going to air a show that was fictional and tried to show the results of the autopsy and how it was performed. Unfortunately for the network this wish was tackled strongly by Michael Jackson fans and the estate co-executors.