Michael Jackson: Awesome At 2014 BMA & On Latest Album, XSCAPE

The 2014 Billboard Music Awards brought many celebrities out, but none quite as spectacular as the King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson.

For one night, we all sat quietly while Michael took the stage once more and delivered a performance that will have the world of pop culture buzzing for years to come.  His song “Slave to the Rhythm” is one that will undoubtedly find it’s way onto many playlists.  Under the direction of great names in the entertainment industry, like L.A. Reid and Babyface, the birth of this song came about years ago and was finally released in the greatest of ways.

The new album, “XSCAPE”, is currently ranked number six on the iTunes Top Albums chart and may be sitting there comfortably for some time.  According to the iTunes Editor, the album is filled with tracks that “didn’t make the final cut” for other studio projects, but they are still filled and wrapped in something only Michael Jackson himself could create.

As it stands, the most downloaded song is “Love Never Felt So Good” featuring Justin Timberlake.  The latter’s vocal accompaniment compliments Michael’s own special voice, with Jackson’s sharper tone still very prominent and dominant throughout.  However, if you want 100% Michael Jackson, then there is the original track that is all MJ, which is the second most popular song from the album.

Under the production of Timberland, the original songs underwent transformation in order to make Michael’s songs–while still noticeable and well loved–more relevant.  The album hosts original versions while it also lists the altered ones–the ones that match our deep bass, synthpop/rock world of music now.

This is definitely an album you will have to set aside time to compare and dissect.  Compare the original tracks to their newer counterparts, compare to Michael’s older work, and decide for yourself if these alterations are your style of Jackson.  However, if you truly enjoy his work, I believe you’ll find something to like about each and every track.

Let us know which version of Michael’s songs you prefer: the original versions or the revamped ones!  Or are they all just too good?

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