Michael Vick, quarterback for the Eagles, certainly received a very good reward for this season’s comeback as he was selected to play in the Pro Bowl.

The impressive quarterback started this year as a simple backup and ended among the 5 Eagles players that were included in the NFC roster. His team-mates DeSean Jackson, Jason Peters, Asante Samuel and David Akers will join him in this highly prestigious game.

We will see Michael Vick play on the 30th of January in Honolulu.

In the event that the team makes the Super Bowl we will see them on the 6th of February in the Cowboys Stadium. This would mark the first ever participation since 1960. The players that play in the Super Bowl are not allowed to take part in the Pro Bowl.

This is not the first Pro Bowl for Michael Vick. He also managed to participate in three while playing for Atlanta.

Vick entered this weekend as the top of the NFC quarterback list due to an efficiency rating of 105.3. He is at the top of the list for all the rushing quarterbacks with over 600 yards and he even made 8 rushing  touchdowns before the game against Minnesota.