After years of debate Microsoft announced today that Word, Excel and PowerPoint are now available as iPad apps.

The new CEO of Microsoft, Natya Sadella told reporters this morning during a press conference.

The apps will be free through iTunes to open and view documents, spreadsheets and presentations.

A subscription to Microsoft’s Office 365 is necessary for full access (creating an editing).

You will be able to create and store documents through cloud, so once your iPad is connected to the internet your work can be shared between multiple devices .

This a complete 180 in comparison to former CEO Steve Ballmer, who refused to make Office accessible on Apple’s iPad.

Instead they invented  Windows 8, which is mobile accessible, and created their own line of tablets for business/school use – the Surface.

It now appears that although those devices and systems are successful, iPad still dominates and therefore should have access to Office, the most popular program for documents.

You can download all three here: Microsoft PowerPoint for iPad, Microsoft Word for iPad and Microsoft Excel for iPad.

Are you excite about the new apps?  Tell us your opinion below.