Mid-Season Premieres, Trailers & Previews: TWD, Scandal, HTGAWM & More

Want to know when The Walking Dead‘s mid-season premiere is?

Curious to know what will happen on Grey’s Anatomy?

Well, we know all that and more and we’re going to share it all with you.

Below, you’ll find mid-season premiere dates, trailers and previews for some of your favorite shows, so mark your calendars and start the countdown.

Trailers for all the shows can be found in the gallery below.

*This article contains spoilers so do not read on if you aren’t caught up on your show.


The Walking Dead: the season 6 mid-season premiere is Sunday, February 14 at 9 P.M. EST on AMC.

The 2nd half of season 6 looks to be a short one, as FTWD takes over the 9 P.M. spot starting in April.

With that being said, it looks like fans won’t have to wait long to see the infamous Negan- and maybe Lucille?

Also, look for the premiere to be a scene of chaos, as the group’s bid to walk among the dead proves deadly, literally.

You can view the trailer below.

Grey’s Anatomy: the season 12 mid-season premiere is Thursday, February 11 at 8 P.M. EST on ABC.

Based on the promo’s and rumors swirling it doesn’t look good for Meredith, although I would bet any amount of money she will survive whatever happens.

The promo shows her in one scene on the ground in what looks to be a hostage situation and another clip shows her on a gurney with a bloody face.

The latest spoilers, courtesy of Entertainment Weekly, say she is “brutally beaten” during the mid-season premiere.

On a happier note, there is also a clip of Alex proposing and we get to see Bailey take over as the new chief.

You can see the promo for Grey’s below, as it is part of the TGIT promo.

Fear The Walking Dead: season 2 of FTWD premieres on Sunday, April 10 at 9 P.M. EST on AMC.

Season 2 is 15 episodes: the first 7 will air in April, while the last 8 will air later in the year.

FTWD will take to the high-seas this season, new “ground” so to speak in the zombie world.

You can expect Travis and Madison to take very different approaches to the new world and will discover what makes Madison tick.

Look for the survivor of the Flight 462 to join the show as well as the Talking Dead with Chris Hardwick to follow at 10 P.M. EST.

How To Get Away With Murder: the season 2 mid-season premiere air on Thursday, February 11 at 10 P.M. EST on ABC.

Look for the action to pick up right where it left off when the show comes back, as Wes shooting Annalise will have a ripple effect.

The promo shows a scene of Annalise holding a baby, saying: “no, I can’t do this.)

Is that baby Wes?  Is it her own?  Hopefully we’ll get some answers to that and more.

Check out the TGIT promo below.

Better Call Saul: season 2 premieres Monday, February 15 at 9 P.M. EST on AMC.

The big question is: is Jimmy going to play it safe or will he go back to his less reputable ways?

Scandal: the season 5 mid-season premiere airs Thursday, February 11 at 9 P.M. EST on ABC.

Olivia is back, but she is a changed woman- which may not be a good thing for Fitz or Olitz fans.

Actress Kerry Washington eluded to all this, telling TV Line: ““What happened at the end of the winter finale [represented] a huge decision for her…and she’s a different woman because of it.”

So it looks like Olivia and Fitz are definitely over (at least for now), but word is there will be no re-uniting with Jake.

But all may not be lost, at least not according to actor Tony Gwynn, who plays Fitz.

In a recent interview he said that despite the abortion and break-up, he still believes in Olitz:

“I think there’s hope. I think Fitz and Olivia really love each other. I may be alone at this point in thinking that, I don’t know (Laughs.) But I do, and I think when people love each other as primally as these two people do, I think they can come back from anything.”

Check out the TGIT promo below for a sneak peek.

Which shows are you most excited to see return?

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