Comedy Central’s @Midnight, hosted by Chris Hardwick, delivers laughs and taps into web users’ current social media obsession.

Episode 40 featured the comic styling of Thomas Lennon, Natasha Leggero, and Brett Gelman.

Each comedian improvised jokes based on specific categories in order to earn points. The bigger the laughs, the better the reward.

Chris Hardwick proved himself a good sport when his 1998 press kit appeared on the evening’s round of EBay Price is Right. Gelman estimated its worth at, “one bottle of tears and a mountain of cocaine.”

This episode’s round of Hashtag War, inspired by the Sochi Winter Olympics, challenged contestants to generate “dirty” names for the world’s cities and countries.

Hardwick offered “the Gulf of Sexico,” to start things off. The comedians played off of each other, but Lennon, who also lost in previous episodes, was the quickest to deliver puns and innuendo.

Eliminated contestant Natasha Leggero joked, “Hashtag Natasha was robbed,” before Lennon and Gelman faced off in the final round.

The two competed to write the funniest Craig’s List post for an Instagram pic of an oversized stuffed panda that was propped against a building and wrapped in a trash bag.

@Midnight runs Monday- Thursday at 12 a.m. and streams on the show’s interactive website

Viewers can also participate in Hashtag War by tweeting their ideas followed by the featured hashtag.