A Monty Python movie – only not.

Released in 1983, “Yellowbeard” is a lite-hearted approach to pirate movies long before Captain Jack Sparrow made them cool.

The ensemble cast includes Python staples Graham Chapman, John Cleese and Eric Idle. Comedian duo Cheech and Chong contribute significant roles as well.

The story has the pirate Yellowbeard escaping prison to find his long lost treasure. Along for the ride is his gardener son, a drunk noble, and know-it-all doctor. Hot on his trail is the Royal Navy, as well as the man who betrayed him years before.

The comedy comes from Graham Chapman’s hard core pirate personality. Peter Cook, as Lord Lamborn, contributes many hilarious lines.

Try to find David Bowie in one of the funniest scenes in the movie involving a pigeon.

The movie takes credit for being the final role for actor Marty Feldman (of Young Frankenstein fame), who died during filming.

Monty Python standards, such as over the top gore and slapstick, also find there way here in subtle ways.

Like several movies that bombed at the box office, “Yellowbeard” has since developed a cult following.

This movie is available on DVD, and for streaming through Vudu and Youtube.

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