Chile Miner RescueRescuers are working hard to save the 33 trapped Chilean miners, but officials have decided it’s in the best interest of the miners to not tell them exactly how long they will be there. No one is certain of the mental health of those who have been trapped 2300 feet below ground for the past 3 weeks.  There are concerns that it could be too much psychologically to inform them that they may still have 3 or 4 months to go.

President Sebastian Pinera skirted the question by telling a miner they would miss Chile’s Independence Day on September 18, but would be out for Christmas. This is all a part of the rescue team’s plans to slowly and gently tell the miners exactly how much time they may have to wait.

Since the cave-in on August 5th, the miners have shared small amounts of tuna and mackerel to stay alive in the cabin underground. Since rescuers made contact with them, communication and supplies have been consistently sent back and forth.

Religious items, playing cards, oxygen and water are being sent into the mine for those trapped. They are being encouraged to sing, make a chore chart, and divide into shifts to help them pass the time. A miner with nursing experience is helping officials with psychological and health testing.

Surveys already taken are showing signs of anxiety and depression in some miners. They also point out that several miners are too large to fit into the proposed rescue shaft. But the way the miners are losing weight, officials believe that when its time to rescue them, the miners will fit.

(Image: Flickr / Desierto_Atacama)