Current-New-iPadRumors about a mini iPad have been swirling for quite some time now. We first reported on the rumors last December – when Digitimes reported that Apple actually had one in the works.

At that time, they reported that Apple was contacting suppliers in regards to 7.85 inch screens. They estimated the production of mini iPads would begin in the second quarter of 2012 (we’re there), with a late 2012 to 2013 launch date in mind.

Yesterday, Digitimes added a few more details, saying that the mini iPad will be built by Foxconn Electronics and is scheduled to be released in August.

But that’s not all they had to say. The Taiwan-based site also said that Apple has ordered the manufacturing of the next generation iPhone from Pegatron Technology, and that it will be launched in September of this year. They added that Pegatron also has a contract for 10 inch iPad that will be launched sometime in the fourth quarter of this year.

The 10 inch iPad release is most doubted of these three items. A new iPhone and a 7 inch iPad are expected by many. But launching a whole new iPad in the same size range as their current new iPad, in the same year that a new one was already launched, would be messy. Apple’s not normally messy. Perhaps if this rumor is true, it will be the same generation as the current iPad, but be a new color or have some kind of additional capacity or network compatibility.