Minions Review – Why You Don’t Want To Take The Family

I was all prepped and ready to say in this Minion review that Minions is a wonderfully hilarious family film!

Then I actually watched the movie… now I just want that hour and a half of my life back.

Based on the trailer, I was sold on the Minions. Even though I wasn’t a fan of Despicable Me, I was completely ready to give the Minions a second chance. A fresh look.

But here’s the gist of it – if  you’ve seen the Minions trailer, you’ve seen all the good parts of Minions.

Well, almost all the good parts.

The trailer is stretched to movie length by adding in mostly boring, uninspired, filler.

The cute characters, gibberish, and farts, just never amount to anything enduring or endearing. During the show, there were occasional giggles from a few in the packed theater, but never a real consensus of laughter.

The young child to my left fell asleep in his mom’s lap. The young teen to my right looked like he’d rather be anywhere else. I suspect I looked about the same.

Not only is Minions dull, there’s something odd about it too.

Set in 1968, it includes references to 1960’s culture that seemed out of sync with the age of the audience. Hippies, tie-die, flower power VW buses, war protests, The Monkees, Abby Road…?

We love it when kid’s movies give us parents something fun too. But only one of the 60’s references was actually clever. But I suspect it, along with most of the other 60’s flashbacks, went over the heads of both the kids and a large percentage of the parents in the theater. Both are simply too young to get them.

The saving grace of Minions is the last ten minutes. That part is entertaining, cool looking, and fun. It’s a happy ending. Plus there are a couple of humorous scenes shown as the credits roll.

The uplift at the end of an otherwise dull movie picked the audience up a bit. For a brief moment, you almost forget you didn’t like the first 80 minutes.

Even so, asking random movie goers what they thought of Minions as they walked out of the theater, most responded by saying it was “okay”.

Minions are great in small doses, like in trailers and commercials. But they just couldn’t pull off a whole movie.

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