Missing N.C. girl Zahra Baker.

Elisa Baker, stepmother of missing 10 year old Zahra Baker, has begun cooperating with investigators according to Hickory deputy police chief Clyde Deal.

Deal said that Elisa’s lawyer, Scott Reilly, approached the authorities and offered the stepmother’s help in the case.  She has since been taken to sites including a stream and waterfall around an old home of hers and a home she lived in previously.  In at least one instance she never left the police vehicle while at the scene and it is unknown what information she has given to police.

Deal was adamant that police are seeing what information Elisa Baker has to offer and is willing to give to them, but they are treating her no different than any other source of information.

The stepmother is currently in jail on several charges including an obstruction of justice charge for writing a fake ransom note. Her lawyer has called her bond excessive and fought to have the amount decreased. His efforts were not effective as the bond was increased instead.

Zahra’s father, Adam Baker, was arrested Monday on unrelated charges and is being held on a $7,000 bond. Deal said that authorities have not spoken to Adam since his arrest but they are aware he does not have an attorney.

The searches so far have turned up no evidence in the case of the missing girl. Police presume that Zahra is dead and the investigation was turned to a homicide investigation on October 12.