As the investigation into the disappearance of 10 year old Zahra Baker enters its second month, police admit they may have found a new piece of evidence during their search this week.

Authorities are not releasing what evidence they have found or what role it may play in the case. They have simply stated that they will have to look at it more closely to assess its importance.  This new evidence was located at a search site approximately 20 miles from Zahra’s home in Hickory.

Meanwhile, investigators have moved the search site to a remote area of Caldwell County. Searchers continue to look for evidence along a 3 mile stretch of Indian Grave Road. This is located in the Patterson community just north of Lenoir.

The SBI has issued a priority rating on its testing of evidence collected so far by investigators. They have placed a rush on test results of both the mattress that was discovered, and the bone that was found last week. Both could play a vital role in the investigation.

Zahra was reported missing on October 9.  Three days later authorities canceled the Amber alert and switched from a missing person’s case to a homicide investigation.

On October 10 Zahra’s stepmother, Elisa Baker, was arrested on unrelated charges. She later confessed to writing a fake ransom note and was indicted on a felony obstruction of justice charge. She is still in jail under a $92, 700 bond. Last week Elisa was cooperating with investigators and even visited several search sites with police. However, authorities have stated that they have received nothing new from Elisa Baker since then.

In the beginning Adam Baker was cooperating with the investigation. On October 25, he was arrested for unrelated charges. Two days later he posted bond and was released.