Missing girl in NC, Zahra BakerAuthorities searching for a missing girl in North Carolina say they have been in contact with Zahra Baker’s biological mother in Australia, and are awaiting the young girl’s medical records.  Hickory Deputy Police Chief Clyde Deal has said that they have maintained regular contact with the mother throughout the investigation.

Deal shared that the police are currently waiting on medical records both from Australia and locally, though they have not specified what type of records they have requested.  It is believed that Zahra is dead, but there has been no body found to confirm the suspicions.

Zahra was reported missing on October 9th by her father and stepmother. No one outside of family has acknowledged seeing the ten year old girl since September 25th when a woman admits to seeing her at a furniture store.  Many relatives and neighbors have come forward with claims that the daughter was abused by the stepmother, Elisa Baker. These allegations are being denied by Elisa’s attorney.

Elisa Baker remains in jail on unrelated charges of worthless check writing as well as obstruction of justice for writing a fake ransom note in the case. Her combined bond is set at $70,000, which her attorney has been opposed to from the beginning. A motion has been filed to reduce the bond and a hearing will take place Wednesday.