MLB Baseball | BOS vs. NYY 9/25 2011: Final Score & Highlights

On Sunday, Sept. 25, the New York Yankees played against their rivals, the Boston Red Sox, at Yankee Stadium.

This game was the second of doubleheader, where the Yankees recently deemed victory against the Red Sox the day before 9-1.

In Sunday’s game, the Yankees beat the Red Sox 6-2, postponing the Red Sox’s goal of tying with the Tampa Bay Rays.

The Yankees scored two runs in the top of the 2nd inning, due to steals and bunts from Gardner and Jeter.

By the top of the 4th inning, the Yankees were beating the Red Sox 4-0, before Ellsbury hit the ball to right field during the middle of the 4th, which allowed the team to score (Yankees 4-0 Red Sox).

In the middle of the 5th, Burnett retired the side in order. Burnett had thrown 71 pitches in the five innings.

During the top of the 6th, the Yankees scored again due to an error by Crawford. In the 23 games this past September, the Red Sox have made 25 errors. With 3 innings to go, the Yankees were beating the Red Sox 5-1.

In the middle of the 6th, Ellsbury homered into second deck, raising the score for the Red Sox (2-5 Yankees).

At the top of the 7th, the Yankees scored again (6-2), when Liard singled, bunted to second, and Jeter had a two-out double off of Matt Albers. Nothing too interesting happened in the game from then thereon.
Overall, the Yankees (now 97-61)  beat the Red Sox (88-70) 6-2, leaving the Red Sox with an unfortunate four-loss streak.

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