MMORTS “Galaxy On Fire: Alliances” Announced By Fishlabs

MMORTS “Galaxy On Fire: Alliances” Announced By Fishlabs

Fishlabs Entertainment has announced their latest master piece ‘Galaxy On Fire: Alliances’, which combines RTS elements with and MMO to provide a unique MMORTS experience.

The title is a continuation of their famous Galaxy On Fire series.

The game is set in space, with the player being thrust in the shoes of space captain Keith T.Maxwell, who is stranded far away from his home world. T

he player then has to somehow help him survive by forging alliances and staying alive in a harsh universe.

The player is given the choice of joining three different factions which include the Terrans, the Vossk and the Nivellians. Once this is done, building up a settlement is important and this is where the RTS component of the game comes in.

Gamers can choose to gain power by waging war with other countries or simply through diplomatic guile or even by growing a flourishing economy. The choice lies in the player’s own hands as he or she competes with other players online.

The game is expected to arrive in the third quarter on iOS followed by Android.

It will be available as a free download on both platforms. However, in-app purchases for certain features will be availalble.

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