OfficeSuite Pro 7 released for Android OfficeSuite from MobiSystems is the top productivity app for Android.

The company has now launched OfficeSuite Pro 7, the latest version of the app.

The new version includes many new features, taking the functionality of the app to the next level.

Users are to receive new templates for invoices, CVs and even for tracking weights.

The file browser will also feature a new interface, and include a  navigation bar to the side of the file browser for easier access.

Cloud services have been upgraded and Microsoft SkyDrive has been edited to the list.

The spreadsheet editor will be upgraded, and the PDF viewer includes a new seach feature. Large PDF files can now be opened instantly as well.

New file formats include doc, docm, rft, txt and log for text, xls, xlsx, csv and xlsm for spreadsheet, pptx, ppsx, pptm, ppsm, and ppt for presentation and zip, eml and pdf for other apps.

OfficeSuite Pro 7 can be downloaded for $14.99 from Google Play.

Do you like this app? Will you spend $14.99 on it? Feel free to leave your comments below!