More Apple Rumors: MacBook Pros To Be Redesigned

Another Apple rumor to report on. Seems like Apple rumors have been coming in one right after another this week.This one’s about the MacBook Pro.

According to AppleInsider, the MacBook Pro is undergoing a major renovation. They’re quoting unnamed sources “familiar with Apple’s roadmap” as saying the MacBook Pro is taking on a definite MacBook Air “look”.

The new MacBook Pro will be ultra thin, lightweight, and use flash memory based solid-state drives. They claim it will have a longer battery life, instant-on capabilities and depend on digital distribution of software and media. They also stated that the 15 inch versions the MacBook Pro will be the first to be available in the new chassis. The new 17 inch versions will follow a few months later. AppleInsider suggested that the new 15 inch models may be out as early as this spring.
Apple has been in the news quite a bit the last two weeks. Starting with a story from the New York Times concerning the abuse of workers at Apple’s contracted suppliers. This led some to call for boycott of Apple. A

tition drive was held, along with a iPad being launched early next month. The rumor mill has really been grinding on Apple lately.

Of course, will be keeping an eye on this… and all the other rumors, and keep you apprised here at CP.

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