More Dog Food Recalled

In what appears to be an industry wide issue, another pet food manufacturer has issued a recall on their dog food due to aflatoxin contamination.

As we have reported previously, aflatoxin is produced by molds. It is actually pretty common in very small amounts. The FDA even allows a small amount (20 ppb) of aflatoxin in items such as peanuts, corn, seeds and spices, that are intended for human consumption. It is so pervasive that a small amount is considered unavoidable.

Many dog foods have corn as a major ingredient, and mold on last summers crop of corn is expected to be the culprit behind the higher than allowed levels of aflatoxin that is currently being found in certain brands of dog food.

Several dog food makers have recalled certain lots of their feed over the last month, including Advanced Animal Nutrition.

This latest recall is from O’Neal’s Feeders Supply, Inc, on their 40 lb and 50 lb Arrowbrand dog foods. The specific lots being recalled are:

Arrowbrand 21% Dog Chunks SKU #807 40 lb. bag
Arrowbrand Super Proeaux Dog Food SKU #812 40 lb. bag
Arrowbrand Professional Formula Dog Food SKU #814 50 lb. bag

The affected bags have the Packaging Date Codes Lot numbers 4K0341 to 4K0365 and 04K1001 to 4K1325. The dog food was distributed in Louisiana and Texas.

The company is asking shoppers who purchased this dog food to return it to the purchase point for a full refund, whether the packages have been opened or not. They are also advising dog owners to take their dogs to the vet if they ate the food and appear to be lethargic or sluggish, are reluctant to eat, are vomiting, have a yellowish tint to their eyes or gums, and/or have diarrhea. O’Neal’s says that to date, they have received had no reports of illnesses and the recall is being done as a precaution.

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