New managers at Frontier City and White Water Bay are promising 100% access to all the rides and three times as many shows this season.

Gary Story is once again at the helm of Frontier City and White Water Bay. Story and his partner, Kieran Burke, helped Frontier City develop from a single park to a 39 park worldwide business that trades on the Stock Exchange.

CNL Lifestyle Properties in Orlando, FL owns White Water Bay and Frontier City. They announced last month that they had signed an agreement with Premier Attractions Management for management of both parks. Premier Attractions Management, LLC. is owned by Story and Burke.

Frontier City and White Water Bay employ 48 full time employees. Story and Burke intend to ensure that park goers will have access to all of the rides during the season. They are also promising that guests can expect to see three times the number of concerts and shows at Frontier city, including a variety of music concerts spanning a wide variety of genres and magic shows. They are also bringing in some gun slinging, train robbing, Wild West shows by Silver Tree Productions.

Story and Burke are looking to increase the yearly attendance of both parks. Historically, the combined attendance of both parks reached a high of 800,000. The two are looking to increase the attendance to match that and then surpass it.