PS4, more details revealed at Games Developer ConferenceAfter announcing select details about PS4 at PlayStation Meeting 2013, Sony took their GDC session to reveal more details about the upcoming console.

A mockup of the interface was shown by Chris Norton, senior staff engineer at the strategy team for developer services.

It demonstrated that users would be able to see game details such as user comments, updates available, and downloads available, before launching the game.

The second mockup demonstrated a screen ‘digest’, which will show social updates, news, and what the console owner’s PlayStation Network Friends are tuned into.

Norton also mentioned user accounts can be linked with Facebook, to show the profile pictures and real names of the gamers.

PSN names can also be used, and the 100 limit of friends as on PS3 will be lifted on the network.

Hardware details of the console were revisited. The chip will be supported by GDDR5 8 GB of RAM, while the AMD APU will feature 800MHz GPU that goes up to 1.843 TFLOPS and an 8-core CPU.

The Dualshock 4 is going to feature a touchpad with sensors, the share button for catching and uploading screenshots as well as gameplay footage with the time-shifted mode featured on the console that’s toggled on by default. The back of the controller contains RGG LED-litm, which is going to identify the DualShock 4 to both the console itself and the gamer.

The final feature announced at the session was ‘play as you download’. This means gamers will be able to play the section that has been downloaded, without requiring the downloads of the other sections.

Downloads can be started with a PlayStation Vita or through a smartphone app.

Sony is expected to announce major details at E3, 2013.

What do you think of what you’ve heard so far about the PS4?