Most Popular Android Tablets Revealed

Most Popular Android Tablets Revealed

Kindle-FireIt’s official. The Amazon Kindle Fire is number one amongst all Android tablets when it comes to popularity.

According to comScore, the Kindle Fire accounts for 54% of all Android tablets in shoppers hands as of the end of February, 2012. The second most popular is the Samsung Galaxy Tab family of tablets. The Galaxy Tab was way behind the Kindle Fire in market share through, with just 15.4%.

The rest of the field breaks down as follows. The Motorola Xoom corralled 7% of the market by the end of February. The Asus Transformer came in with 6.3% of the market. The Toshiba AT100 had a 5.7% share. The Acer Picasso had a 4.3% share. The Acer Iconia had a 2.1% share. The Dell Streak had a 1.3% share. The Lenovo IdeaPad Tablet K1 had a share of 1.2%. The Sony Tablet S had a 0.7% share. And ‘other’ tablets came in at 1.6%.

It’s interesting to note that the Kindle Fire, which is obviously a dominant force when it comes to Android tablets, is not even marketed or branded as in Android tablet. Amazon’s 7 inch Kindle Fire tablet may run on the Android operating system, but the front-end is overlaid with Amazon Kindle branding to the point that the device is not recognizable as an Android tablet to most non-geek users.

comScore’s study also looked at how screen size affects the consumption of content. They found that users with 10 inch screens consumed 39% more content than users with 7 inch tablets. For example the average user of a 10 inch tablet browsed 125 webpages compared to 90 pages by the average user of a 7 inch tablet.

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