Amazon’s Mother Day Sale for 2011 features an Amazon Kindle with a bonus gift card.

The Amazon Kindle is, of course, Amazon’s ebook reading device. According to Amazon, it is their best selling product and has more 5 star reviews than any other product on Amazon. Their ebook reader comes in several different flavors – the least expensive is the Kindle with ‘special offers’ (advertisements), which is available for $114 through Amazon. They also offer a standard Kindle (no ads) for $139, and a Kindle 3G (the first two download ebooks through wifi only) for $189. At the top of the Kindle lineup is the Kindle DX – which features 3G and a larger screen, a 9.7 incher rather than the standard Kindle’s 6 inch screen.

Only the two most expensive models, the 3G and DX, qualify for the Mother’s Day bonus gift card. The card is good for $25 on Amazon products. The special is good through May 8th, 2011, according to Amazon, and is limited to one per customer. Looking over the fine print, it appears that if you buy a Kindle for both your wife and your own mother, you only get one gift card. They will have to arm wrestle over it! Also noted in the ‘details and terms’ is that buyers that want the gift card must specifically request it in the ‘buy’ box. Those that purchase it using Amazon’s 1-click checkout system do not qualify for the gift card.