MoviePass Cards Shipping On Time Now, Says CEO

Are you still waiting to get your $9.95/month MoviePass card in the mail?

According to the company, your wait may soon be over.

This morning MoviePass CEO Mitch Lowe told Consumer Press that “As of now, all orders are processed when they are received and subscribers receive their cards in 5-7 days.”

Lowe explained, “While we were initially overwhelmed with demand for our $9.95 price point (we have grown from 20k subscribers to more than 600k subscribers in 2 months), as of last week, we were caught up all previous orders and members should have received their cards.”

In the comments section of a MoviePass blog post, some users are reporting they still haven’t received the cards they ordered back in August.

Asked about this, Lowe said “As can be expected with this kind of volume, there are about 1 percent of subscribers that did not receive their cards for any number of reasons (e.g. error in processing, incorrect address, etc.). We are actively working with both our new members and our processing facility to identify the cases in which cards have not been received, and ensuring the delivery of new cards, when appropriate.”

But what if you are one of the subscribers whose MoviePass card is late?

Lowe recommends contacting MoviePass customer support, “Over the past month, we have significantly increased our customer support team. As we continue to add more resources to meet the current demand, wait times will decrease. For general inquiries, members can check the help section of the website or mobile app.   For more urgent issues, please contact customer support.  We appreciate everyone’s patience during this time of growth.”

Subscribers can use the MoviePass mobile app (Android/iOS) to check the status of their order and/or contact MoviePass customer service. Customer service is also available through their website.

A $9.95/month MoviePass subscription allows users up to one standard 2D film per calendar day, 365 days of the year. The list of available theaters is pretty extensive. Theaters are paid full price for the ticket.

It’s yet to be seen if MoviePass’s business model will work long term, but Lowe was once the president of Redbox and a co-founder of Netflix. If anyone can pull this off, he may be the one to do it. At $9.95/month, it’s an unbeatable deal for regular movie-goers.

Now your turn!

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