MoviePass To Dump Users Paying Through PayPal

MoviePass To Dump Users Paying Through PayPal

As of Sept 18, 2018, MoviePass will stop supporting subscription payments through PayPal.

MoviePass subscribers charging their subscriptions through PayPal will have to make other arrangements, or their MoviePass subscriptions will be canceled.

In an email sent to Consumer Press today, MoviePass wrote:

“As of September 18, 2018, MoviePass will no longer support PayPal as a payment method for our service. To continue enjoying MoviePass, please update your payment method in the app to a credit card, otherwise we will not be able to process your next subscription payment after September 18th.

“You can quickly update your credit card within the MoviePass app by going to Account > Account Details > Plan & Billing. 

We appreciate your flexibility and thank you for being a loyal MoviePass member.”

I’ve been writing about and supporting MoviePass for quite some time. 

I’m an awesome customer for them. I would rarely even max out the new three movies per month limit.

But with the limited availability of movies (my local theater has about a dozen playing, but only three are available through MoviePass), and now them cancelling my membership if I don’t update my billing…. I’ll be letting my MoviePass membership go. They are just making it too easy to leave.

How about you… staying, leaving, or left a long time ago?

And how is this going to effect their overall business?

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