Sixty-nine years after the Pearl Harbor attack, the moment lives on not only in history books but on movie screens as well.

Many find that watching the movies that depict the events of that day brings them a deeper understanding of what transpired. Others just find it a compelling way to commemorate the momentous and tragic occasion that a nation will never forget.

There have been a number of films made that center around the moments of that fateful day in history. Each has its own benefits and its own flaws. When searching for a title to watch on Pearl Harbor Day, there are few that stand out above the rest.

From Here to Eternity is a black and white film that was released in 1953. It starts in the days preceding the attacks. Because of this the viewer will experience the same shock and wonder that many felt the day the attack occurred.

Tora!Tora!Tora! was released in 1970 and unlike the others it depicts the events of the day from both sides of the situation. It will give the viewer a deeper understanding of how the situation transpired on each end.

In 2001 the hit film Pearl Harbor was released in theaters. This film will watch the events unfold from the viewpoint of those at the scene including many who were trapped on the ships. It adds a true personal feel to the day for many.