MS Surface Pro Avail 2/9 – Pre-ordering?… Specials?… Nope!

MS Surface Pro Avail 2/9 – Pre-ordering?… Specials?… Nope!

It was announced early this week that the Microsoft Surface Pro tablet will be released on February 9.

The Surface Pro will be available for purchase from Microsoft, Best Buy and Staples stores, both online and off, on that date.

In the official Microsoft blog post about the February 9 launch, Panos Panay, General Manager of Microsoft Surface, said the company was  “pumped about all the anticipation and excitement in regards to Surface Windows 8 Pro.”

So with all that excitement in the air, we immediately began checking in with Microsoft, Best Buy and Staples…. Will they be opening pre-orders soon? Did they have any pre-launch or launch specials on the  Surface Pro? Any launch bonuses?

All three had basically the same answer.


No pre-ordering. No specials. No bonuses. Nada.

The price is the same at all three stores, $899. That would, of course, be for the lower end model with 64 GB of storage. There will also be a 128 GB model available.

Sadly, at this point, it doesn’t appear that any of the three stores offers any advantage for shoppers to come to them to get the Surface Pro.

Will you be buying a Surface Pro on February 9? If so, where will you get it and why? Let us know in the comments section below!

Consumer Expert Jimmy Borough

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