MTV VMA 2013 Will Be Rebroadcast Several Times This Week

MTV VMA 2013 Will Be Rebroadcast Several Times This Week

Tonight’s MTV Video Music Awards 2013 live show just wrapped.

But if you missed it or just can’t get enough, you’re in luck.

The MTV Video Music Awards is being replayed right now (it’s 11:30 PM Eastern time, as I write) and then again tonight (err, tomorrow morning really) at 2 AM.

The VMA pre-show will be re-shown at 1 AM.

If you’ve missed those… or still want more… no problem! MTV has you covered.

On Monday night, August 26, the show will be rebroadcast at 8 PM (ET).

On Tuesday morning at 8 AM, MTV will be showing the AMTV VMA Winners Playlist. That afternoon at 5 PM will be another replay of the 2013 Video Music Awards.

Early Wednesday morning at 12:30 AM it will be replayed again.

And there’s more…

Later Wednesday morning. The awards show will be shown at 9 AM. And then again, at 6 PM Wednesday evening.

Moving on to Thursday, the VMA will be shown at 1:30 PM.

The next showing will be early Friday morning, 1 AM. Following that, the VMA will be replayed at 7 PM.

On Saturday afternoon it will be replayed at 3 PM.

And rounding out the week on Sunday, it will be on at 12:30 AM, 6 AM, and 10 PM.

Looking on out beyond next week, it’s not on again until Friday, September 6, at 3 PM.

Still not enough? Oh boy, you got it bad!