The departure day that Hosni Mubarak protesters planned for him came and left, and he remains.. At the same time the pressure is becoming stronger and even US is trying to convince him to resign.

Hosni Mubarak currently shows no sign that he wants to resign. There were hundreds of thousands of people that were gathered in Tahrir Square on the so called “Day of Departure” and everyone wanted him to resign.

The army was present but the conflicts have not been as strong as in the past days.

Now there is a very diverse crowd that is protesting against president Hosni Mubarak, ranging from women to old men with canes. There are also Mubarak supporters that are calling for loyalty. The two camps are constantly fighting.

Barack Obama made another statement and asked for a transition towards a new government. According to the US president, he spoke two times with Hosni Mubarak and there are talks between the opposition and the Egyptian Government.