Nancy O’Dell swears it was not planned for her to take over Entertainment Tonight instead of Lara Spencer.

The former Access Hollywood anchor says had no idea when she left her contract that she would be chosen to replace ET veteran Mary Hart.  It was believed the position was taken by Lara Spencer long before Nancy O’ Dell was announced as the successor.

From the moment that Hart announced this season would be her last with the show, it was expected that Spencer would take her place. It is even rumored that Spencer was led to move her family to LA for the position.

O’ Dell says that she had taken meetings and had feelers out there but nothing had ever been promised about an ET job, let alone the main one. She had been hired as a correspondent through May and did admit that the job felt more “like home” than her previous gig.

She says fans will not find it to be too confusing as most already thought she worked at Entertainment Tonight. Whenever she was around they would say her name and hum the theme song to the wrong show.