NASCAR is one of auto racing’s biggest sports. Not only do the drivers get to race, but the pit crews have their own races, too. Tonight at 8 pm ET, SPEED, the official auto racing channel, will be showing the NASCAR Sprint Pit Crew Challenge.

The NASCAR Sprint Pit Crew Challenge allows pit crews and individual members to compete in a variety of events designed to challenge their skill, strength, endurance, and speed. The individual events include front tire changer, rear tire changer, jackman, and gasman. The winners of each event will receive trophies and prizes, thanks to Craftsman, Sprint, and NASCAR.

The Challenge is as much about individual performance as it is team performance. How well each pit crew performs directly reflects the performance of each team member. At the end of the night, after all the competitions are done, judges single out the best person in each position and reward him with a $10,000 bonus.

One time a year, pit crews get a chance to show off their skills. The competition reflects the same type of actions they would see on the track on race day. The NASCAR Sprint Pit Crew Challenge allows them to demonstrate exactly what they do on race day and get an extra bonus for doing it well. It’s also a chance for race fans to see the pit crews of their favorite drivers in action, up close.