A group of computer hackers have managed to repeatedly breach security systems that are used by the company that currently runs the stock exchange in New York. The good news is that they did not manage to enter the system that is currently used to handle the trades.

Law enforcement officials are currently investigating the breach. There is a special task force that is formed by different officials including representatives of the Department of Justice and the F.B.I.

It seems that the hacking happened several times and the officials knew about it although they were not at liberty to disclose any information to the press.

NASDAQ stands out as one of the most important stock exchanges in USA and some of the biggest companies in the country have their stocks listed here. This basically means that an attack would be devastating for the economy.

The good news was offered by the officials as in a statement it was said that there is no other stock exchange that is currently targeted. The investigation is mainly focused on NASDAQ at the moment. There was no statement issued by NASDAQ representatives.