According to its creator, National Unfriend Day is a day to trim the friend fat from your life through your social networking sites.

On his November 11 show, Jimmy Kimmel created the idea of making November 17 National Unfriend Day. Complete with its own anthem sung by Brad Paisley and Darius Rucker, this day was set out to be a time for people to eliminate those from their social network that were not true friends.

Kimmel said he wanted people to use this time to weed through their friends list and get rid of people they do not consider to be a real friend since so much free time is spent on the social networking sites.

Whether the idea led to a lot of unfriending remains to be seen. It did, however, create quite the internet buzz. Many announcements about the day were found on Twitter, Facebook and even in online articles explaining the how-tos and whys of unfriending others.

Some of the reasons given to unfriend someone included not knowing them, hiding their updates because they annoy you and not having spoken to them since high school.

Some even touted that it was okay to unfriend someone simply because they were your mom.