NBC’s Community Premiering 2/7, More Mid-Season News

NBC’s Community Premiering 2/7, More Mid-Season News

The wait for a date is over — NBC has announced that Community‘s “Oct. 19” will be February 7, 2013.

NBC cut Community from its Fall roster earlier this month, deciding to keep the cult comedy hit in their “back pocket” in case any of their Monday through Wednesday night listings fell short of expectations.

Well, that didn’t happen. NBC, in fact, has been having a record-breaking streak at #1 for the past month. With that in mind, it makes sense that they’ve decided to keep the much-loved but not much-watched Community off the air until next year. On the plus side, Community is moving from the purgatorial Friday night to the much cozier (and viewer-friendly) Thursday night.

In the same press release, NBC revealed premiere dates for the new presidential comedy 1600 Penn, the murder mystery Deception (formerly known as Infamous) and the return dates for The VoiceThe Biggest Loser, and more.

Here’s the full list of returning/new shows and their mid-season premiere dates:

January 6/7  — “The Biggest Loser”

January 7 — “Deception” (New Drama)

January 8 — “Betty White’s Off Their Rockers”

January 10 — “1600 Penn” (New Comedy)

February 5 — “Smash”

February 7 — “Community”

March 3 — “The Celebrity Apprentice”

March 25/26 — “The Voice”

March 25 — “Revolution”

March 31 — “Ready for Love” (New Reality Series)

New drama Deception tells the tale of undercover cop Joanna Locasto (Meagan Good) as she infiltrates a wealthy family to discover the true cause of their daughter’s death. Deception mixes family drama with murder mystery, much like Desperate Housewives did. Unlike Housewives, however, Deception takes itself seriously and looks to be a “dark family murder mystery.”

Speaking of Desperate Housewives, Eva Longoria is the executive producer behind new relationship reality series Ready for Love.  NBC states that “Longoria hand selected three successful and handsome men who are committed to finding the right women with whom to share their lives” and ” invited eligible women from across America to participate and find out how easy it can be to find true love.”

Ready for Love  will be part game show, part reality show, with in-studio competitions being mixed with reality show elements. Each week, one contestant will be sent home until the three men have each chosen a mate. From their, the couples must decide to either “get engaged, married, or simply live happily ever after.”

Bill Pullman once gave one of the most memorable presidential speeches (in a film) when he played the U.S. president in sci-fi blockbuster Independence Day. Pullman will be playing president once again in new comedy 1600 Penn, opposite comedian Jenna Elfman (Dharma & Greg) as his First Lady.

Pullman’s turn as a president in ID4 is one of his most iconic roles. He brought a certain charm to the character, as well as loads of humanity. That humanity, along with Elfman’s comedic timing, will make or break 1600 Penn. NBC describes the show as being about “a typical American family who just happen to live in the White House.”

Are you excited for Community‘s return? What other shows on NBC’s mid-season line-up are you looking forward to?

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