NBC’s Parks And Rec Tackles…. The Soda Tax!

NBC’s Parks And Rec Tackles…. The Soda Tax!

The newest episode of Parks and Recreation begins in Washington DC, where Ben and April are perusing the care packages sent to them by Leslie and Andy.

The 12 total boxes contain, among other items, Andy’s laundry.

Back in Pawnee, Leslie and Ann are excitedly discussing Leslie’s proposed soda tax. Ron walks in with fast food and a giant soda. Leslie gets emotional and thanks him for everything, with tears in her eyes.

In Ben’s office, he decides to whip his interns into shape after they fail at writing consistently formatted memos.

Chris, Tom and Andy head out for some exercise. Chris plans to train Andy so that he can become a police officer.

Leslie meanwhile meets with Ms. Pinewood in order to discuss the proposed soda tax. Leslie argues that the size is simply too much, while Ms. Pinewood fights “for the people.”

At the track, Chris motivates an exhausted Andy. Andy strips and collapses on the track, exhausted. Chris is proud of Andy’s potential.

Ben continues to struggle with the interns, and even finds an offensive caricature drawn of himself. April encourages Ben to loosen up, but he instead tries to fire the interns. After learning of all their connections, however, he decides to suck up to them.

In Leslie’s meeting, meanwhile, Ms. Pinewood threatens over 100 layoffs in Pawnee and a press release blaming Leslie if the tax passes. When Leslie proposes the tax in a town forum, half the town is against it. One resident even proposes that Leslie be fired if the bill passes.

At the track, Tom displays his revamped pacer vehicle and is upset no one noticed it. Chris continues to push Andy, who uses his love for April to motivate himself to exercise. Chris laments the fact that he has no one to love.

Ben tries to be hip to impress the interns. He buys pizza and uses what he believes to be popular language. He then invites them all to play ultimate frisbee the next day.

At the track, Chris falls and goes to the hospital.

Leslie frets over how to vote. At the meeting when asked, Leslie vomits and asks for a recess.

Ben finds another offensive drawing and accuses an intern. The intern blames his daughter, April. Ben is mortified to find out that they think April is his daughter and is hurt when she admits to the drawing.

Leslie asks Ron for advice. He admits to having almost fired her four times the first year she worked for him. He withdrew his request, though, because even when she annoyed him he admired her conviction. He encourages her to continue to stick up for what she believes in.

Chris receives his blood work, indicating he is healthy. He fears not making a mark on the world. Tom encourages him to see a therapist and Chris calls him a genius.

Ron gives Leslie a compass and encourages her to stick with what she believes.

Ben asks April to give just 15% effort and he’ll be happy.

Leslie votes in favor of the tax and is quite pleased.

The episode ends with April threatening an intern until he starts working while Ben looks on, proud that she’s trying.

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