Photo: bclinesmith

George Washington University will be the first school to have a transgender basketball player on its NCAA team this year.

Junior Kye Allums will play for the university’s womens team but will be treated as a male teammate rather than a female. Allums is a 5’11 guard who hails from Hugo, Minnesota and says the university has been very supportive of his decision to assume the male role he feels he belongs in.

The only guideline for Allums is that he must not undergo any testosterone therapy while he is competing for the school under NCAA regulations. An earlier report from the National Center on Lesbian Rights and Women’s Sports Foundation stated that transgender youth should be allowed to participate in these sports as long as their use of hormone therapy was consistent with existing policies on banned medications.

The senior vice president of George Washington University, Robert Chernak, has said that the university is accepting of Allums’ decision to live as a male. Chernak said that the university was informed Allums would not begin medical or drug treatment while an athlete and would continue on the womens team. According to Chernak, Allums informed his teammates and the university informed staff with Allums’ permission.

Allums said he was tired of hiding his true identity and living a life that was not who he was. He is hoping to help himself and others be who they truly are. He said that from the beginning his team and coaches have been supportive of his journey.