This week’s emotional NCIS season finale mixed a case with a fitting tribute to late Hollywood legend Ralph Waite.

The episode began with the team working together to catch a burglar. During the apprehension, Gibbs began having flashbacks of his childhood days. The next day, he found out from Director Vance that his dad was gone as the result of a massive stroke.

While Gibbs was away handling things in his hometown, his team had to face a case. This one involved a jail break of sorts on board a Navy vessel. Tony was given point on the case so that Gibbs could focus.

Back in DC, the team found out their case was tied to the late Benam Parsa’s terror group.  They also found a tie to their original burglary suspect. After more details were learned, Tony broke Vance’s orders and called Gibbs in for help.

Much to Vance’s displeasure, Gibbs returned to DC. However, he was quickly placed on administrative leave and asked to leave. Gibbs left but not before giving Vance his thoughts.

A quick chat with an old enemy’s girl revealed disturbing details. The prisoners that escaped from the ship were given one mission, kill Gibbs.  Prior to Gibbs returning to Stillwater, he visited an old enemy in prison. In an emotional talk, Gibbs tried to pass on sage advice.

A twist revealed possible danger for Gibbs who had already returned to his hometown and then had to fight for his life. Gibbs took care of the threat and passed his dad’s store on to the young man who worked there.  The final scenes paid tribute in a beautiful, powerful way.

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