Tonight’s NCIS episode had Tony leaving Washington DC for a trip to France.

Dinozzo was sent to France on the orders of Director Vance. He was supposed to retrieve the daughter of a high ranking Admiral. His official cover was as the teacher of a refresher course on internet security.

The trip got off to an interesting start for Dinozzo who discovered the entire staff of the NCIS office he was supposed to work shot to death in their bullpen.

Tony initially tracked down his target in a nightclub.

Back at home, Gibbs and team tried to identify a body that was lodged in a septic tank near off base housing. After some further digging, Gibbs and team realized that both cases are connected as their victim was a classmate of Tony’s target.

The episode took an interesting twist when the Admiral’s daughter revealed that she was a spy working for the government and had people working for her. After a harrowing encounter and a few well placed phone calls, Tony and the Admiral’s daughter were able to safely leave France and return home to DC.

At the end of the show, through a little gaming Jimmy found out he’s going to be a daddy. This time the natural way.

Next week is the season finale for the show. It will be a special episode that will pay tribute to the late Ralph Waite who played Gibbs’s father on the show. It appears it’s going to be an emotional episode.