NCIS Recap: A Secretive Bishop

NCIS Recap: A Secretive Bishop

NCIS fans learned some shocking information about a secretive Bishop in last night’s explosive Parsa finally.

It turns out the new girl on Team Gibbs was hiding some information from everyone. It was reveled that Bishop is the expert on Parsa, which Gibbs did not know in the beginning.

Things turned tense for a while as Gibbs tried to determine if he could trust her.

Tension can mend though when skills are needed to bring down a target.

Thanks to Bishop’s knowledge, the team came to learn Parsa’s location. He had returned to his home country to mark the anniversary of the death of his parents.

After being apprehended by some very skillful Seals, our now wounded terrorist was being held in a brig. Parsa had one demand in exchange for information. All he wanted, a meeting with Bishop, which he received.

Gibbs was called away where he learned that Bishop was actually Parsa’s target. At the same time, Parsa turned the gun on her. Before he could fire the fatal shot, one was placed skillfully right in his head. The shooter, none other then Gibbs himself.

In the end Gibbs gained a new Probie as he officially offered Bishop a full- time spot.

Fans have another week off to digest the information as the show will return fresh on the eighteenth.

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