Tonight’s NCIS was a crossover between the show and the forthcoming NCIS New Orleans.

The episode began a little different then normal by following the New Orleans lead, played by Scott Bakula.

However, the victim quickly became the focus. He was a congressman with ties to the Navy and NCIS. In fact, he had ties to both Gibbs and the lead agent from New Orleans as a member of their first team.

Due to the ties, Gibbs and his team were called in to assist with the investigation. The FBI was also called in for a joint investigation.

Examination of the body revealed disturbing information. The murder was similar characteristics as those in a case that the victim had worked as a NCIS agent.

During the episode, an FBI agent was killed using the same method.  The second murder led to Gibbs and Bishop accompanying King back to New Orleans.

As the investigation was heating up in New Orleans, the team followed a lead that resulted in them being brought into an open area where the killer could see them from a hidden vantage point.

The episode is to be continued next week. Until then fans can enjoy streaming content on the NCIS page of

At the same time the lobbyist was  interrogated in Washington, his nephew was being questioned in New Orleans. During Ducky’s investigation, he discovered some disturbing ties to a case that the congressman had worked while he was still an NCIS agent.