Tonight’s NCIS began with a boom!

Before the opening credits ran tonight, two men were dead. They were the victims of a bomb that detonated too early.

Gibbs and the team took the case because one of the victims was in the Navy. During their preliminary investigation it was determined the bombing was not an accident.

It was found in the area that was to serve as a dressing room for a musician. He was supposed to play at a benefit concert for members of the military and their families.

As a precaution the musician was pulled from the lineup and placed in protective custody.

As the investigation unfolded it was determined that the original musician was not the target.  The bombing was a cover so that the concert coordinator could retrieve some hidden money.

While the team was working on the concert bombing, assistant medical examiner Jimmy Palmer was preparing to become a father. He was supposed to adopt a baby as soon as it was born.

The nervous father to be enlisted the help of his coworkers to install a new car seat and learn how to change a sleeping baby’s diaper. After the baby was born, however, the birth mother decided to keep the baby.

If tonight’s action packed hour was not enough NCIS, fans can enjoy streaming episodes on the show’s page of There they can also see a preview of next week’s all new episode set in New Orleans.