NCIS Recap – Big Returns and Decisions

NCIS Recap – Big Returns and Decisions

This week’s episode focused on the return of McGee’s girlfriend Delilah, who was working her first case after her injuries.

The episode began in sort of a strange way as Delilah’s boss erased an email that seemed to be a break in a case. Then told her and another agent that she did not ever see the email.

After being given the cold shoulder by her boss, Delilah turned to Gibbs and the team for help.  The deeper the team dug for the investigation the more the disturbing the case became.

It was revealed that the NCIS investigation was actually interfering with an ongoing CIA operation. Unconvinced, Director Vance had his team continue to dig, although quietly. Their continued work netted suspects in two major incidents and simultaneously solved two cases.

While Tim was still digging, Delilah dropped a bomb on Tony. She wants to move up in the DOD ladder to take an analyst position in Dubai.

After the case was wrapped, Delilah and Tim finally had the chance to chat. In a surprising turn of events, Tim supported her choice to go after the position in Dubai. She then surprised him by committing to a long distance relationship, which he readily agreed to by handing her a house key.

Next week’s all new episode has the team investigating a case that appears to revolve around sexual assault.  Prior to that emotionally charged case, fans can enjoy streaming content and other fun items on the show’s page of

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