This week’s all new episode touched on some sensitive, current issues with military veterans. 

The episode began with a military photographer taking a picture that ultimately landed a soldier on trial. When the photographer could not be found for a trial, NCIS was tasked with finding him.

During the early stages of the investigation, Gibbs got into a bit of a heated argument with the soldier who was supposed to stand trial. Unfortunately, the investigation into the disappearance of the photographer ended in the team finding his dead body.

As part of the further investigation, McGee was sent undercover as a homeless man to try and get an inside view on the case the photographer was working in DC. It was there he discovered that the homeless man the photographer had apparently befriended had died the day before the photographer died.

The case took an interesting twist when Ducky discovered that the veteran who died of a heart attack had his vital organs stolen.  After a discussion with the doctor who had harvested the kidneys, it was determined that the head of the clinic that had served the homeless vet killed the photographer. 

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