GibbsThis week’s all new episode touched on some sensitive topics.

The first victim of the evening was yet another visual reminder of why we should not text and drive. Except in this case, the victim was already dead prior to the car accident that NCIS responded to.

As the investigation unfolded it came to light it turned out that the victim was actually already in touch with NCIS. He was a second party complainant on behalf of a friend who had been assaulted. When Gibbs returned to the ship to speak with the assault victim, she became concerned.

The ensign who was assaulted was initially apprehensive about discussing her assault even when it was pointed out that her case and the murder of her shipmate could be connected. After a heart to heart with Abby though, the ensign decided to open up.

Some deeper investigating revealed that the cases were not in fact connected. The murder victim was killed by the bartender who threw him out of the bar. His head hit the side of a dumpster and caused the brain bleed that caused his death.

The assault case was full of many twists, which were handled with the professional care, yet get the person who did it attitude that Gibbs is known for. In the end it turned out the current assault was linked to many others. The man was quickly arrested.

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