NCIS achieved the 250 episode milestone with a bang.

The episode began with Tony meeting his father, played by Robert Wagner. Just as the duo was about to hail a cab for a Sunday meal, a Navy officer exited the hotel they were standing in front of.

Tony tried to hail the officer to ask him a question after he realized that the man in the uniform was not in fact an officer, but an impersonator. The impersonator took off towards the alley next to the hotel. He then drew his weapon to fire at Tony, but Dinozzo shot first.

While Tony was sidelined due to the investigator general’s investigation, the team continued to dig into what happened. They determined that the man was actually a private investigator.  The investigator was actually a killer as he murdered a senate staff member.

As the team carried out the investigation, Tony finally met up with his father for a drink. It was then that he learned his father is going to get married.  Although Tony tried to avoid his father after this news, Gibbs finally convinced him to meet with his father again.

After Gibbs and McGee wrapped their investigation, Tony met up with his father once again. This time he gave his blessing to the pending nuptials between his father and his mother’s best friend.

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