This week’s NCIS was the second part of last week’s episode.

The episode picked up where last week’s ended. Gibbs and Bishop were still in New Orleans helping agent Pride, known as King and his team.

The team discovered that while the first victim of the night was not a public servant or military. Gibbs determined he must have seen the killer and was killed because of it.

During Ducky’s examination of the materials a disturbing discovery was made, the possibility that instead of dealing with a copycat, the agents may actually be chasing the real Privileged Killer. 

The man originally charged with the crimes was framed by the first victim, former agent McLane who had taken a bribe twenty years ago.

Some further digging revealed that the son of a congressional campaign contributor was the real Privileged Killer. The realization of who the true killer likely was came to late for McGee who went to alert the father of the killer, who at the time seemed to be an honest campaign contributor. For his troubles, Tim got a golf club to the back of the head.

Before the father took his own life, his last act was to alert his son, the killer located in New Orleans. The killer was shot by Gibbs and Pride in a cemetery that was being rebuilt.

Next week’s all new episode seeing the team returns to DC with an all new case. As always fans can enjoy streaming fun on the show’s CBS page.