NCIS returned this week with a burning question, who was sending faulty equipment to the troops?

After a two week Olympic break, NCIS returned with a different kind of case.

Rather than chasing down a murder suspect this week, they had a more pressing question to answer. Who was sending faulty equipment to troops in active war zones?

The equipment was discovered at the scene of a van wreck, in crates marked U.S.M.C.

One quick look and the team realized that the body armor before them did not  belong to the Marines.

After some testing in Abbey’s forensics lab, the equipment was not only determined to be faulty, but also fatal. This news sent the team into high gear as they became determined to find all of the bad body armor.

As the case unfolded. it was determined that body armor was found to be faulty by the manufacturer. They had tried to recycle it. Unbeknownst to them, the recycling company did not recycle the material, but rather resold it as military grade on the civilian market.

The case ended in a firefight with the head of the recycling company. She did not survive, but the remaining armor was found.

Next week marks the shows 250th episode.

Fans can look back on the first 249 with streaming videos and behind the scenes features by visiting the show’s page of