Nepal Earthquake: Where & How To Donate Safely & Avoid Scams

Nepal  and the Kathmandu Valley region was hit by a 7.8 magnitude earthquake early Saturday that decimated the area, leaving almost 4,000 dead and thousands more injured.

The area has been ravaged by this disaster, with buildings reduced to rubble, food and medical supplies wiped out, and thousands without any personal belongings.

Many organizations are sending over supplies, money, and more, to help with the recovery process, which will be long and arduous. Here’s a list of legitimate charities that you can give donations to for helping earthquake victims in Nepal.

The places listed are safe and secure, so if you donate money your personal information will be safe. You can also go to Charity to check and see if a group is legitimate.

We have included a link to each organizations site and information on how to donate to each:

1. Save The Children: All major credit cards They are an international charity that has been in Nepal since 1976.  The have started a fund for the people of Nepal and are taking 10% of all donations to put aside for future disasters as well.

Save the Children spokesman Philip Carroll told TIME magazine they are most concerned with: “the importance of distributing clean drinking water to prevent water-borne diseases in a country that already had low sanitation standards” and that: “They are also distributing hats and blankets for babies, as many families are living on the streets because of the fear of aftershocks”.

2. Red Cross: All major credit cards accepted, as well as PayPal, Master Pass and Visa Checkout.

The Red Cross is working with the Nepal Red Cross Society and has already donated $300,000 to help with relief efforts.

Jagan Chapagain, the director for the International Federation of Red Cross Asia-Pacific said in a statement on the Red Cross’ website that they anticipate those in Nepal will  need medical supplies, emergency shelters, food, water and more.

3. The U.N. World Food Program:  All major credit cards accepted and  PayPal.  According to a representative of the program, emergency relief workers have arrived n Kathmandu and all supplies are desperately needed.

4. Mercy Corps: All major credit cards accepted.  A spokesman said that prices for basic supplies are skyrocketing because of the demand and they are working with the Red Cross in Nepal to get supplies out.  They currently have 90 workers there helping out and setting up tents and tarps for shelters.

5. UNICEF: All major credit cards accepted. UNICEF says they are preparing to send 2 cargo flights with medical and food supplies to Kathmandu.

6. CARE: All major credit cards accepted.  CARE is a humanitarian organization that has workers in Nepal now helping those in need.

7. PayPal Giving Fund: All major credit cards accepted.  The web company has already raise over $253,00 to help with recovery efforts.  It is dispensing all donations to several of the groups above. Those who donate will see 100% of their money going to the cause- all fees are waived.

8. Salvation Army: All major credit cards accepted. The Salvation Army is committed to helping with disaster efforts and is sending over supplies, including blankets, clothing and food to help.

Do you plan to donate to the Nepal Earthquake victims?

Have suggestions for other ways to help?

Comment below and share your ideas with us.

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