Netflix Job Will Pay Viewers To Watch Movies

Netflix has just announced a job opening for UK/Ireland viewers that pays them for watching content.

Known as a “tagger,” the successful applicant would be able to stream new content before it is made available to the public.

After analyzing the content, the tagger is then responsible for choosing the appropriate tags in order to make Netflix members’ search content personalized.

According to Netflix, and in concordance with the personalization of the Netflix recommendation service, the tagger will also have the opportunity to become a “cultural consultant, highlighting UK/IE cultural specificities and taste preferences.”

The job fits those with a need for a flexible schedule as there are no office hours and the work can be done from home. No information on pay has been provided yet.

The job asks for a movie and TV enthusiast, perhaps those with a film degree or experience in the filmmaking and/or writing process as well as those with analysis experience.

The ad also specifies the job is open to UK and Ireland applicants and is not meant for those in the US.

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Consumer Expert Sarah Coons

I'm a college student currently taking courses through online university. My passions revolve around creative writing, film, and television.